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Pamela Holl Hunt

Pamella was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, in 1945. A classically trained contemporary artist, she received most of her training in Europe in the 1960s and 70s.

While in Paris she studied life drawing at 
The Académie Julian with M. MacAvoy. After one year she moved on to The Atelier 17 and was taught etching and print making by the master print maker Stanley William Hayter. In 1964 she went to London to study at Hornsey College of Art. A few years later she moved to Brussels, Belgium and studied oil painting at the Beaux Arts and art history at the Musée Cinquantenaire.

In more recent years she studied Symphonic Composition and Applied Colour Theory at the 
Vancouver Academy of Art with Michael Britton (1999).


SJ Tulloch


Art has always been an active appreciation through my life, and the ideas that have come and gone have always left me curious in finding my own style.

So having a passion and the eye for seeing something beyond the surface; I began to peel away the layers – the colors, the textures; the shapes and lines and more than that - I looked for the movement and my own interpretation, but it has taken much time.

I have adapted to how my expression has changed to now be at this place of artistic flare to have the determination and the ideas that I can share.

What is art? Only you can answer that for yourself.

My world is full of expression and I feel what I see deeply; given my interpretation I have decided to share that through works of my art - adapting to Photo Editing”.

I have experimented with textures, colors; movement and abstractraction, focusing my attention on how I envision all that which flows from  a world that is changing.

Through my looking glass I feel that the movement and my interpretation can be find and followed, I hope through my vision you can find something of appreciation as I continue to develop and express.

Adapting more toward photo art, I would never consider myself a photographer more of an explorer, through digital editing I've found the passion to create something more.

Sharing my thoughts and my vision is an accomplishment that now I feel has the movement I have been working toward and will continue to develop.

The appreciation of Art has allowed me to see beyond the surface, so I find myself here given this opportunity to express my Artist flare with my eyes open to new ideas and focus.”


Abstract - The most meaningful with the largest depth of possibility! “I feel so therefore I am thinking and I see what my mind allows me to”.

Oceans - What I feel through the rush of the waves and the peace of the calming seas.

Clouds - What I see through the skies and how it opens up depth and perception.

Texture - Shapes, angles and colors all layered to create their own meaning all changing with the flick of light or the fragment of a new shape, leaves the mind open.

“Thank you, SJ. Tulloch”


Sharon Habib

South African born Sharon Habib draws her influences from the texture and the patterns of cityscapes, aerial landscapes and the evolution of decay in nature.

Although she has been mentored by artist Val Green (South Africa), she is largely self-taught. Beginning with a natural tendency to work realistically, she changed course embarking on the challenging journey of working abstractly.

In this 15-year journey in the world of abstract where there are no rules our boundaries to guide, her work has been shaped by the love of texture and the balance and harmony between shape and non-shape.


Julia Di Sano

From her early teenage years, Julia found solace and comfort painting alone in her room, because that is what art is:  the expression of the joy derived from the belief that the artist is creating a heightened reality of what life can and should, be for a person.

Life offers many reasons to retreat into a private realm.  Art as therapy offered her joy and peace and the opportunity to escape reality by delving into a world of imagination, emotion and colour.

Julia’s work is often described as layered, elegant, richly coloured, atmospheric and moody, contemporary, and as capturing rich visual textures. She believes art has the power to bring happiness and a calming reprieve to her clients’ lives.

Despite hectic, sometimes stressful daily schedules, getting lost within a piece of art can allow one to pause, take a breath from it all, and simply embrace the beauty in this world.


Carlos G. Scott

Human sensuality is a precious and unique gift that allows us to experience love, sadness, joy, pain and many other common emotions. In the arts, human sensuality can also be a platform for sharing impressions and ideas using poetry, music and visual imagery on both a conscious and subconscious level.”

Carlos became an artist after a promising career in professional soccer was cut short by injury.  In recovery he started to explore sensuality in art and found the inner strength to accept the unwanted change in his life, happily.

To Carlos, sports represents spontaneity.  He has found the same in nature.  He explores this theme in many subjects: from people in movement to the natural decay of plant life in the Miami River and it’s random beauty.

More intriguing is that this is not the only way in which Carlos has over-come obstacles to produce vibrant and engaging art.

He is also colour blind.  Let that sink in as you see his work.

He simply produces pieces that move him and in so doing has made something valuable out of what some would call a disability.


Paul Ygartua
Abstract/Future Conceptualism

Investment Art

Future Conceptualism is a revolutionary technique developed by Paul Ygartua. It is a technique of reverse painting on transparent plexiglass, similar to Cloisonne Enamelling. This was an ancient method of the Chinese (whose history can date back to over 500 years) whereby a single line is etched out depicting the subject matter. Then each area painted separately, creating a collage of color in a mosaic effect.

This is a complex technique, conveying a powerful presence. A mixed media mosaic cubistic style inlaid with gold or silver, creating the design and separating the colours. It is a distortion of the subject matter, an original abstract with a sculptural effect. The element of lucidity is created through color separation combining florescent metallics, enamels and acrylics.


AEneas MacRae

I have always been interested in the work of Francis Bacon and his studies/portraits of figures in a room.  My artwork is a combination of photography, video and digital imaging.

My work is based on the concepts of construction and deconstruction using video, photography and digital imaging. Through the digital medium my work expands upon the many different new levels of information available to us. As an artist my aim is to take the image to an extreme point of stress. The results of this moment of extreme stress is what I call a digital smear.

My art is the expression of the emotional moment. What I create is the expressive, it seems to communicate the feeling that is important to me. I want to create a new expression of art using the digital medium.


Richard Wlodarczak

Born in Winnipeg in 1972, Richard received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Honours from the University of Manitoba in 1994.

Having completed his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996, he traveled extensively throughout Europe seeking to experience his heritage and art history first hand. Richard now resides and works in Vancouver, BC, where his art has grown towards his German Expressionist and American Abstract Expressionist influences.

In these new abstract paintings, the lines, shapes and marks have been significantly reduced from the earlier works, influenced by Social Realism, to a regressive state of communication.

While earlier themes of Christian/Pagan dualism, passion and ritual continue to surface, the images and meanings have become more elusive. A dominant grid structure and awareness of composition, color and space counter a strong presence of chaos and disorder.

Modern in sensibility, the mystery of the primitive remains. Richard’s work can be found in private collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


Stacy Lederman

"I believe if you look at things differently, through the lens of your own authentic truth, beauty will emerge from everything."

Several years ago during a time of personal change I decided to start exploring art. It started as a hobby, a way to create something that was a positive gift for myself and turned into a focus for art as my full time career.

I am a mixed media artist who uses images that are part of the landscape and make them my own. My influences are urban and street based, drawing from the energy of New York City and Vancouver. I use photography, painting, and texture in my pieces to reflect ordinary images that surround us. My work comes from the everyday, from the unexpected possibilities that exist within a city. I am inspired by the energy of certain cities and and my works are meant to reflect the often overlooked beauty that is all around us.


Shannon Troxler

Shannon is an artist with a passion for painting and a love for literature.

Using encaustic medium and oils she explores the rich world of visual imagery found in stories, poetry, myth and the natural world.

She has fallen under the seductive spell of encaustics, working with molten wax and saturated pigments allows her to achieve translucent layers and a rich texture.


Khalid Balogun

"Moving water and flower gardens refine my energy. That which gives me zeal for success and puts me in the realm of possibility. Drawing these makes the feeling even stronger."
My name is Khalid Balogun A.K.A khalltemi_art.  I am from Lagos Nigeria.  My affinity for drawing is second to none.  I started drawing since I was at age 5. I always liked drawing and used to compete with friends when I was in primary school. I had always left my works without shading until age 12. It took me long to discover my art style.
Alas, I'm now a full-time realistic floral/landscape artist. My style uses hyper-realistic moving water, flowers, landscape and other natural elements in a contemporary surrealistic way sometimes to express my inner thoughts and perspective. My artistic goal is to afford my audience a surreal sense of attachment and presence in those places artistically represented in prints by me.
It will interest you to know that I draw at night and sleep in the day.
Surprisingly, If I got food and a house without having to go to school, I would draw 24/7. My drawing takes me places further than the human intellect can decipher. While growing up in the art world, I used to draw directly drawing of greats like M.C.Escher and tutors like Philip Berill and other artists.

But I've finally developed my own path; Contemporary realistic landscape/floral art.

Once upon a time, man struggled with scourge
He experienced an abrupt halt in immersion
And all seemed locked down; dreams and aspirations
Pandemic engulfs him in utmost agitation
Man was snared in the cave of his thought
Completely ambient in the haven of nought
Seeking solace in deafening silence
Hoping for an end; a quintessence
Surprisingly, incidental are these incidence
Unmatching to that of the underground shroud
Where none hears your cries, no matter how loud
A humbling domicile for the shy and proud
Where the headstrong get bowed
But man's bereft of reason
That isolation only lasts but a season
A phase that seldom comes for a reason one only the astute find pleasing for isolation birthed some fortunes it earned
Yunus forgiveness in the belly of whale the basket; Musa's isolation zone that heralded safety from Pharaoh.
In cave hira Muhammad received the greatest gift of prophethood So, never think ill of isolation
But moments of hopes and self-realisation
A herald of hope cloaked in despair.

"Unity in Diversity"
Khalid Balogun
Charcoal on Strathmore Paper
18" x 16"

Not all must look the same to be same.
Neither does for all to feel the same to bear same name.

Nor does synonymous nomenclature mean the same claim.
Or even similar place of birth mean the same frame.

Indeed salient is unity amidst diversity.
To view Black and White as same entity, Rose and Sun as family, Yoruba or Yabola with integrity.

Deluded we are, viewing race as the primary focus.
Feigning blind to individual commonality,
Ethnicity as qualification,
Religious background as cause for superiority.


Federico Airaudo

Federico Airaudo is a painter of murals and canvases from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

His work is known for playfully re-characterising commonplace aspects of Guayaquil’s diverse social scene. Using animals, tropical plant life and familiar (often overlooked) objects of this place, his art gestures toward the socio-political dynamics of this industrial Latin city in accessible and humorous ways. 

Federico’s paintings have been featured in national newspapers, tv channels and imaged with international corporations including Pilsener beer and Skullcandy.

Most recently, he was contracted by the Municipality of Guayaquil to enliven public spaces with over 7 large-scale murals that are now displayed at malls, restaurants, boutiques and parks around the city.


Noah NJ Boman

The paintings I’m proposing are strong in gestural movement but relevant to contemporary discourses in that they are visceral and rhetorical by metaphors and symbols used to describe the conscious struggle to exist in a society of idealisms and unseen beauty or truth. The idea that in the gesture is an existence or resemblance of the figurative as a sensation to the viscera.

It stems from Gilles Deleuze’s idea of the figurative as a metaphor to the movement and structural framework is powerful and as visceral as a brushstroke on the canvas. My work evolves around the blurring or fragment of the figurative form as these pictorial forms create metaphors, symbols and familiar representations from our consciousness.

The painting style I’ve developed has been referred to as f abstract (figurative abstract).  The all over gestural and expressive brushstrokes allow for a sense of spontaneity and raw emotion to occur in fragmented moments throughout the canvas. The canvas is sectioned and learned through a post-cubism study where fields and layers of color blend the figure in pictorial space.

My painting concepts are relative to artworks of Francis Bacon, Willem de Kooning, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse and the writings of Deleuze, Freud, Sarte, and Foucault. I paint primarily with acrylic paints because the layering process is quick and it allows the paint to dry quicker than an oil paint and therefore increases the depth sooner in the blending process.

"Order in chaos"


Suzanne Laird

My current practice involves investigating that place where pain transcends to happiness, the ‘moving on’, that special place where we rise from the darkness and see that glimmer of hope.

I stand as a feminist artist and activist however my visual language is ambiguous leaving the viewer the opportunity to interpret the work to fit to their own personal issues and trauma.

I like to re-invent ordinary materials and transform them into emotional pieces that capture a mood usually presented in the form of abstracted symbolism. My art conveys a comparison of physical pain and plant life to represent the emotional body.

My goal as an artist is to transform something as mundane as a piece of rope into a visual landscape that evokes a story, a memory, a sensation. If I can accomplish that with the viewer, I have succeeded. The magic in transformation peaks my curiosity, like a caterpillar and its wings, this metamorphosis in materials captivates my interest. It is an underlying theme that punctuates all of my work. I investigate the concept of healing as metamorphosis.


Timothy J. Sullivan
Abstract expressionism

I'm a free stylist, or experimentalist working in abstract & expressionistic modes.

Timothy is abstract expressionist, a free stylist, who creates large and small work mostly in acrylics. Although he came to painting in mid-life, he has been painting now for over 25 years.

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1946, he counts himself a ‘baby boomer’ who survived and thrived, imbibing many influences, spawning a wide range of interests that he pursues with relentless curiosity to this day.

As a youngster, Timothy found himself sketching and drawing, no doubt influenced by his dad, a draftsman. In high school, science captured his attention, and the annual Science Fairs provided a means to explore Chemistry. He soon had his own lab in his parent’s basement, and by his senior year had won first prizes at the local and national fairs. This set him on the path to becoming a scientist – perhaps a professor of Chemistry – but other interests, passions and influences were not extinguished.

After a career as a Chemist, Timothy became a mental health counsellor and subsequently Education Coordinator & Trainer in the mental health field. This allowed him to continue with psychological and spiritual practices developed during his academic years, and to mature. In his late forties, at the suggestion of a friend, he read ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julie Cameron, which sparked his long-lost passion for art. He began painting and less than two years later had his first exhibition, a group show in 1998, at the Millennium Art Gallery. The gallery unfortunately suffered a fire that destroyed one of his original paintings.

Since then, Timothy has mounted three solo shows and participated in a number of group shows through the Canadian Federation of Artists, winning third prize in one. While a member of the North Shore Artists guild, he also participated in several annual art sale events through the city community centre. His work has hung in several restaurants across the city of Vancouver, and several have been donated to the Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver.

Timothy continues to innovate and experiment with a focus on bringing together narrative or story to the abstract worlds created in his studio.


Mareva Millarc

On a day much like today, an artist was born in Los Angeles, California. Little did she know that her desire to paint wouldn't be manifested until 2007, although she always felt that the need to paint was just beneath the surface. Her father died at an early age...he, an artist, left behind a loving wife and three children, Mareva being his youngest child. 

After his death, the family moved to Argentina, where they lived until their return to the States in the 80's. 

Mareva draws inspiration from the works of Richard Diebenkorn, Arshile Gorky, and her father, William Millarc. Painting with Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Charcoal her evocative pieces invite you into her world, to experience and imagine your life through hers, exchanging visual frequencies, to lift and fall into the freshness of each unique pause...reaching a certain depth of perception. This is an artist who reveals those unveiled pictures we all contain within our soul and shows them to us.

A blank canvas awaits its first brush stroke, soon to reveal a new inspiration where a variety of thoughts and ideas coexist.

Motivated by the love of painting, I create art that is free of concrete references; and delve into each work with passion and intuition moving in a way that is consistent with the feelings of the moment.

Following the afternoon rituals: painting attire and music with brush in hand, a painting begins to emerge. What comes into view is an internal language translated into lines, shapes, textures and color. An unlimited vocabulary of feelings.

“Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavor.” -W. Eugene Smith


Rossana Jardim

Rossana was born and works in Goiânia - Goiás. The artist began her work with drawing and painting. Currently also dedicates to gluing, watercolor and objects. Rossana's work is a fascination with mechanics that generate movement or that allows the object to fulfill its function. The permanent search for new perceptions of objects, whether by the focus, color or composition of the individualized image, makes their work an assiduous day-to-day journey.

Participated in the 11th Paulista Contemporary Art Exhibition of São Paulo and the 3rd Celg Prize of Plastic Arts in Goiânia. Received the Diploma of Cultural Highlights of the Year in Plastic Arts granted by the Government of Goiás. He held individual and collective exhibitions in Goiânia, at the Goiânia Art Museum, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás, at the Potrich Galeria de Arte Contemporânea.E, in São Paulo, held collective exhibitions at the Octavio Vecchi Florestal Museum, at Casa das Rosas, in the Casa Xiclet Gallery and the House of the Look, in Santo André. In New York, he participated in the 26th International Art Expo New York and Ward-Nasse Gallery.


Gossamer Steel

Rossana was born and works in Goiânia - Goiás. The artist began her work with drawing and painting. Currently also dedicates to gluing, watercolor and objects. Rossana's work is a fascination with mechanics that generate movement or that allows the object to fulfill its function. The permanent search for new perceptions of objects, whether by the focus, color or composition of the individualized image, makes their work an assiduous day-to-day journey.

Participated in the 11th Paulista Contemporary Art Exhibition of São Paulo and the 3rd Celg Prize of Plastic Arts in Goiânia. Received the Diploma of Cultural Highlights of the Year in Plastic Arts granted by the Government of Goiás. He held individual and collective exhibitions in Goiânia, at the Goiânia Art Museum, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás, at the Potrich Galeria de Arte Contemporânea.E, in São Paulo, held collective exhibitions at the Octavio Vecchi Florestal Museum, at Casa das Rosas, in the Casa Xiclet Gallery and the House of the Look, in Santo André. In New York, he participated in the 26th International Art Expo New York and Ward-Nasse Gallery.

I eventually became a certified welder and 3-D Designer, but for the first 4 years I was self-taught in my new craft and trade; this period of experimentation allowed me to hone in on my own style and discover what attracts me most to working with metal.

While I have always enjoyed the problem-solving required in the welding and fabrication process of 3-D designs, my creativity is drawn more to creating beauty on the 2-D surface of the metal.

Working with metal's unique ability to change colour and refract light, I approach a sheet of metal much like a painter would approach a blank canvas but instead of paintbrushes, I use torches and grinders and instead of paints I use chemical patinas and dyes.

The result, is a luminous piece of art with the captivating illusion of three dimensional layering and movement.



Indulge yourself by investing.

The December Art Group, thanks to its partnerships in many countries, offers its clients who wish to buy or sell a work of art, the best artistic, economic, and geopolitical approach, in order to make the most profitable investment or simply to obtain the best satisfaction.

​The December Art is therefore able to optimize your investment in a work of art by providing you with transparent, professional, and discreet assistance and collaboration throughout the process. We are accredited by Interpol to access its INTERPOL Secure website for stolen pieces.

International art research.


Crystalworks Designs Ltd.

Founded in 1984, Crystalworks has evolved from a small home-based business to the world-class mineral gallery it is today. The gallery is devoted to promoting fine crystals, minerals and fossils as works of art and presents the unique opportunity to purchase specimens of a size and quality rarely seen outside of museums.

Each and every object, from the smallest tumbled stone to the largest specimen, is hand-selected by the owners for its beauty and perfection. Crystalworks’ mandate is to sell only ethically mined minerals. We do not sell dyed, man-made or radiated crystals, or cave formations such as calcite stalactites or stalagmites. We have enjoyed close friendships with our miners and mineral dealers for over 25 years. This allows us access to rare and unique specimens that normally would disappear into private collections and never make it onto the open market.

We work closely with local and international jewellers, gem carvers and designers, providing them with select gemstones and crystals and co-designing pieces to create the jewellery, objet d’art and high-quality gem carvings that are unique to the Gallery. Crystalworks also supports cottage industries and fair trade companies in Bali, Peru, Madagascar, Indonesia and India.


Vancouver Studio Glass

Originally opened under the name New-Small and Sterling Studio Glass, what is today Vancouver Studio Glass was founded by David New-Small and Nora Sterling in 1984.  David New-Small studied math & chemistry at UC-Santa Cruz but was more inspired by the glass-blowers who created the lab ware than his professors. He moved to Vancouver and began to study glass at the then-brand-new Pilchuk School. David built a small hot shop in his garage in Crescent Beach where his hobby soon developed into professional interest.

He joined forces with Nora Sterling, a transplanted New Yorker with a passion for craft, and they approached Granville Island about establishing a glass studio. David and Nora supported the glass and arts communities in many ways over the years, providing jobs, representation and studio space to dozens of emerging glass artists, and through working with the Glass Arts Association of Canada, Circle Craft, and other organizations. David developed his own work, becoming known for his Marine Reliquary series and Ikebana vessels, still sold in the studio today.

Benjamin Kikkert joined the studio in 2013 and after a period of collaboration David retired in 2016, passing the Studio on to Benjamin. Born and raised in Vancouver, Benjamin graduated from the craft and design program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.  He worked extensively throughout Canada before completing an extended residency at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.  With his return home to Vancouver, he brings his passion and international experience to our operation, committed to offering artists and clients alike a contemporary experience founded on an innovative, respectful approach to business and material.


Robert Held Gallery

Creating the most beautiful glass works that I can, has been my personal goal or mantra for my entire life.

Growing up in a creative home, I started drawing things in the 5th grade and have not stopped yet. My father was a sculptor, my mother his model. Together they instilled a creative, and supportive environment that has sustained me through a few different artistic endeavours. From painter, to potter, to glass blower, I have always tried to make wonderful, beautiful work.

Now, after over 50 years of blowing glass, I still love the act of creating art from this molten mass of sand with my own breath. Hopefully, breathing life and beauty into each piece.

Robert D. Held


Tolleck Winner

Tolleck was born in the former USSR in 1959. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1980. Dedicated to producing art as a full time occupation, his work is kept in private and public collections in the UK and throughout the world.

Tolleck’s art stems from his early fascination with the basic nature of raw materials. His work aims to extract values from the basic elements of nature, largely working with metals, minerals and rocks. Experimenting with various materials he has mastered a unique technique based on proper engineering studies.

Ongoing shows to date in London's Mayfair area with Albermale Gallery in Albermale Street. A number of his larger scale works also feature in public displays in the UK, such as the large steel sculpture, ‘People’, which stands alongside the works of Anthony Gormley and Sir Anthony Caro in the Peterborough Sculpture Park.

By injecting fragments of gaudy imagery, Tolleck’s work reveals a subtle flirtation with the current popular culture.


Yvette Gagnon

I was born in Maillardville, a French Canadian community near Vancouver. One of 6 siblings, we grew up in a loving albeit frugal family, with very artistic parents.  I discovered my artistic expression when I was about 7 years old, playing in our back  yard among an abundance of wild flowers. I recall scrounging in my Memere’s craft closet to find materials to express my impressions of that field. Using scraps of wool I created my first artistic image, beginning my journey into the world of art.

My evolution into glass art was totally unforseen. While waiting for some glass shelves for a client, I noticed heaps of broken glass ready to be thrown out.  “What a waste...what can I do with it”.  And so began my work with shattered glass of all shapes and sizes. It offers endless possibilities, consistently pushing me to new discoveries. Each piece is unique, original, and reflects my creativity, energy, enthusiasm and free spirit.



Gennady Karabinskiy


Gennady Karabinskiy, a German based Russian Jew uses a diversity of techniques to express his artistic ideas: oil on canvas painting, tempera, pastel, ink on paper and lithography.

Since 1989 he has participated in more than 200 solo and group exhibitions (including ones in Norway, Germany, Holland and USA) and was featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

In his work he follows the artistic tradition of Eastern European Jewry, carrying on the work of such great Jewish painters as Marc Chagall, Amedeo Modigliani and Anatoli Kaplan.


The painter's works are stored and exhibited at the Regional Museum of the city of Chita, Central Historical Museum in Moscow, Jewish charity funds "Hesed Avra'am" and "Eva" (St.Petersburg), Jewish Cultural Centre (St. Petersburg), Jewish Community Center (Cleveland, USA).

Gennady's work is enjoyed in private collections in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Sweden, USA, South Korea and Japan.


Pnina Granirer

I have been making art for more than 60 years. During this time I tried to balance the role  of wife, mother and community involvement, with my creative work.

All through these years my work has energized and sustained me, giving me reason for embracing life.

Having lived in a few different cultures and under Communist and Fascist regimes, I am attuned to diversity of expression and am keenly aware of how precious freedom is. I am suspicious of prescribed policies, be they in art or elsewhere.

My natural instinct is to go against trends or fashions, this being one of the reasons why I have never followed any in my artistic practices.

I work in series, following each new idea for as long as I find it challenging; once I sense that the work becomes repetitive I search for a new frontier.

Many of my images have been inspired by Canada, this great and wonderful adoptive country of mine.

Canada has given me inspiration for the West Coast Series and later for the Carved Stones Series.

In the late nineties I returned to the exploration and the celebration of the human body, working with dancers. I have been preoccupied all my life with dichotomies: the angel and the devil, light and darkness, culture and nature. Content and ideas are important to me, but form is essential.

Most of my work is based on personal experience, which is then distilled and transformed through the creative process. I like to probe into the unseen, the mythological and the mysterious. The past fascinates me, for it shapes the present and the future.

My new book, LIGHT WITHIN THE SHADOWS: a painter’s memoir, will be published in May 2017.


Tanya Gardner

Tanja is a Vancouver-based artist with a BA in Art History and Fine Arts from Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. Her academic travels took her around Europe, allowing her to explore in depth England, France, Spain and Italy.

In 1993, Tanja returned to Vancouver and has been showing locally since then.

Her art has had many painting themes over the years but a focus on movement and gesture threads them together. Her loose brushstrokes are not interested in copying nature but rather are a translation of the visible experience and subject.


Taisha Teal

My vision with art is to induce positive emotions and radiate inspiration with every brush stroke, to expose the creativity in everyone. A feeling always inspires me; my favorites to draw from are love, peace, gratitude and happiness.

Throughout my childhood, my mother, being the incredible artist that she is, would fill our house with love and gratitude, by writing in every closet in our house “Love, Peace, Gratitude, Harmony.”  My siblings and I would see this message every morning when we got up to change before school filling our hearts and minds with positivity daily.

All my surroundings, from friends and family to school and nature to love and light inspire me to conceive each individual piece of art from the bottom of my heart.

Art is art; there is no good or bad, it all depends on your psyche and how you perceive it. My motto is “Nothing is impossible, there is always a way to succeed. It all depends on what path one wants to take and what direction one is heading”.


Orna ben Shoshan

Orna's artwork gives the viewer a rare and insightful visit to places beyond consciousness.

Her paintings release the imagination and extend the limits of ordinary perception. In her colorful scenes, which take place in a distant world, creatures and objects interact in unpredictable ways and are uninfluenced by the laws of physics.

Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan receives the images she paints through channeling. Unlike most artists, all of her paintings are completed in her mind before she transfers them onto the canvas. Orna's works infuse deep spiritual experience with subtle humor.


Zohar Fiszbaum

My paintings are fluid, transforming back and forth between the abstract and figurative. 

Employing a plethora of materials, including salvaged and reclaimed materials, I am drawn to subject matter which allows my exploration of drama, beauty, mystery and sensuality.

Often my paintings are highly worked and textural, intentionally appearing weathered and aged, like some forgotten fresco. Sometimes my works are more about suggestive expressions, using deliberate brush strokes to evoke emotions, while applying modern colours and pigments with an academic approach.

As a mixed media artist I am compelled to create with rescued and unique materials to be transformed into an art form.  My assemblage paintings evoke both a futurist chronicle log and historical archaeological testimony.

Employing a range of materials and painting techniques, I build my compositions seeking to work history into the layers.

Drawing from my life history, I project my passions for Tibetan art, Mysticism, the Kabbalah and Astronomy into my paintings.

I am driven by a hunger to constantly learn, in a quest to master the art of invention.

“The realm of the artist is the frontier between the tangible world and the intangible one.” Frederico Fellini.


Márquez Gallery
Wilson Márquez Cifuentes de Pereira

Wilson was born in Pereira Colombia in 1970.  He started in art at an early age making both drawings of nature and stamping with newspaper ink and oil.

At age 12 he discovered his penchant for visiting museums, art galleries and historic sites. In his teens he created various art installations in aluminum, PVC, wood, cardboard and acrylic. Some of these installations had engine for movement.

At 16 he won first prize in the school Luis Lopez de Mesa art contest.  From there he began working as an illustrator for his friends and businesses in the region. He studied mathematics and descriptive geometry at the INCCA at the University of Colombia, drawing in Colombo French Alliance and took private lessons in drawing and painting with outstanding art teachers including Arturo Lasprilla Lopez and Martha Bibiana Godoy.

He has also studied sculpting in precious metals in the SENA and knowledge management at the University of Salamanca.

After graduation, he designed his own method to study museums in person, using this strategy in several museums in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, United States, France and Spain. In 2001 he won the award for excellence in the Bogotá Telecommunications Enterprise knowledge management for social equality as the main asset of organizations.

He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions for non-profit institutions and many of his works now belong to private collections in several countries. His artistic catalog is diverse, as it has developed different techniques, as mineral oil lands on canvas, acrylic on canvas and wood, brick, stone, quartz powder, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, copper and aluminum.

His life's project is based on creating human groups with cooperative ways to manage knowledge and disseminate art. He is currently based in the City of Barcelona, where he has his studio gallery and offers all the technological and physical tools to promote artists around the world.


Alexander Donskoi

I was born in one of the most unique, mystical and enigmatic places on earth. It’s called Far East Russia. A very long time ago it was very powerful, strong kingdom called Balhae.

The earliest recorded mention of Balhae comes from the old book of Tang, which was compiled between 941 to 945AD.The 13th century census of Northern China by the Mongols distinguished Balhae from other ethnic groups such as Goryeo, Khitan and Jurchen. Most descendants of Balhae are today in China.

Siberia and the Russian Far East are home to some of the most profoundly beautiful wilderness areas left on earth.

Russia’s diverse landscapes support an incredible biodiversity, including one-fifth of the world’s forests, and endangered species such as the Amur leopard, Siberian tiger, and Western Pacific Grey Whale.

Lake Baikal alone holds 20 percent of the world’s unfrozen fresh water, and it is the oldest and deepest lake in the world. We also have the Japan Sea with its magical flying islands.

All of this quickly woke up my imagination as early as four years old and gave me the strongest impulse to create art.



Sam Siegel

I’m a Canadian artist who wanted first-class art to be accessible to everyone. I quickly learned that not all Giclée prints were created equally. After research and testing numerous different prints that faded, warped and loosened over time; I discovered that using ultra-high-resolution scanning and the best materials available was the answer.

I am passionate about creating contemporary, abstract, landscape, and other style paintings. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, I reimagine the spectacular vistas of the region, and create abstract landscapes that display the undeniable appeal and magic of the ‘Great Northwest’. Many of my paintings are inspired by well-known local landmarks, such as Stanley Park, Spanish Banks, Howe Sound, The Squamish Chief, the Sea-to-Sky Highway, and more.

“British Columbia is full of amazing hiking trails and spectacular vistas, which inspires me to recreate this amazing, natural beauty through the medium of oil and acrylic painting, such as the ones you see here. I hope my art will inspire you with that same sense of spectacular beauty that is all around us!” – Sam Siegel


Jodie Blaney

As an artist, my aim is to move beyond a realistic capture of Canada's west coast.

Instead, I prefer to interpret places I've been, working from a place of imagination, emotion and memory. My work is highly stylized and often whimsical, featuring bold colours, strong shapes and energetic compositions. Landscapes are simplified and distilled to reflect the essence of human experience.

The external landscape becomes a reflection of the internal. A sense of joy, optimism and wonder infuse each work, and I often tap into my earliest childhood memories of playing in the forest or along the shoreline, exploring and dreaming. Key artistic influences include Canadian artists Emily Carr, Lawren Harris and A. J . Casson.

I am a full time artist working from my home studio in South Delta, BC.


Diana Zoe Coop

Over the past thirty years, Coop has participated in more than forty exhibits of her paintings, drawings, and three dimensional works across Canada and the United States. Major exhibits were mounted at Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery (Vancouver), Rebecca Gallery (Toronto), Site Gallery (Winnipeg), Amelia Douglas Gallery, (New Westminster), and Linda Lando Fine Art Gallery (Vancouver).

Projects and commissions include selection as the artist designer of the City of Vancouver Summer Street Banners, the Point Grey Village Banners, Vancouver, the “Tree of Hope” at the Hope Breast Cancer Resource Center, Winnipeg, “Tribute” commissioned by the Positive Womens’ Network, Vancouver, “Illuminations” commissioned by the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Residence, at the Louis Brier Home, Vancouver, installations at Temple Sholom, Vancouver, and the Beaches Synagogue, Toronto as well as the University of Manitoba.

Coop is a long standing biographee in the Canadian Who’s Who for her contribution to visual arts in Canada. Her works hang in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, UK, Holland, Italy, Australia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, France, and Finland.


Joanne Sawatzky

I grew up in Vancouver and graduated from UBC with a Special Education Teaching Degree.
Now that I am retired, after teaching for 30 years, I have time to to explore my other passion, art.
Many of my paintings are reflections of Vancouver and many are of places I have travelled to.
Local artist, friend and mentor Ken West has had a huge influence on my art journey.
I have also taken coursework at Emily Carr.  My medium is acrylic on canvas.

Melanie Fogell

Acrylic paint has always held a great appeal for me because of its wonderful versatility. It allows me to work in several layers of transparency which often develops in unexpected ways. I am also attracted to the intensity of undiluted colours and the moods they evoke. I work on both canvas and paper. I have found the use of hand-made papers adds to the textures and layers when used in combination with acrylic paint on a heavy watercolour paper or on canvas. The collage effect of this combination of materials reflects the layers of my life experience.

Although most of my work is nonrepresentational the ideas are usually based on photographs of landscapes. The moods created are inspired by the events and images from my experience. My view of the world has in part, been shaped by the places where I have lived, the landscapes and especially the people. Learning to adapt to new lives in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver has had a great impact on me. I bring this sense of change and the unknown to my painting. Also I bring my love of music and involvement with the music world to my work. The musical elements of rhythm and movement are present in many of my  writemypaper paintings.


Lisa Wolfin

Lisa Wolfin creator of Art Vancouver

After winning the most Creative Design Award from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles California, Lisa moved to Paris, France where she began a two year apprenticeship at Christian Dior.

Returning to Vancouver she opened Wear Wolfin Designs, a womens clothing company that sold across Canada and the United States.

An avid artist since childhood, drawing and painting have continued to be a long love affair. Lisa explores new mediums and techniques perservering in this artists adventure.

"Painting is my way of exploring within, digging deep into the spiritual world to capture a moment of infinity and bring it to life.  Searching for that elusive diamond in the rough to cut and polish to reveal it's masterpiece. Painting gives me the freedom to explore the powers of discovery.
Every medium is a universe unto itself with infinite possibilities daring me to let loose without restraint.  I love to paint, consequently when I create, I feel the love. I have released my mind from the confines of coloring 'inside the lines' and allowed myself to receive divine guidance.
What I'll paint next, God only knows....."

Marion Webber

I am a painter with a photographic eye. Photography "captures" the moment and removes elements to create an image. Painting is an additive process of building elements to communicate a message. This blend is the foundation of my art. I paint mostly landscapes – intimate spaces to grand vistas.

My work emphasizes both conceptual and design thinking. I am interested in the fleeting quality of light and the abstract mix of shapes, lines and tones in landscapes. What often attracts my attention are simple strong elements such as the glare off a leaf or the cascading shape of a shadow.

I want to take notice of the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Being in nature and the nurturance it provides is what I want to transmit in my art. My work also represents how I feel about life and my relationships. I hope others feel nurtured and peaceful viewing my art.

It’s a good antidote to the chaos from our city based lives.


Skyla Wayrynen

My name is Skyla, you can tell I was named by an artist.

I was born into a family of artists, and surrounded since infancy by all kinds of artistic craft. I was encouraged from the time I was in diapers to create and freely explore my creativity, in fact, I was nine when I very confidently, and ambitiously, completed my first self-portrait. That started something in me; I wanted to be better and so I went to the beginning: I painted florals and still life, then animals and human articulations before moving into landscapes.

Now, as I continue to change and grow I am experimenting with abstracts. My weapon of choice is in this endeavor is the palate knife because I prefer the texture of the finished stroke.

A part of my high school curriculum was a two-year AP program in Fine Arts. I completed the course material in one year. I was also very athletic in high school and continue to be, but I’ve always had a desire to blend my artistic creativity and athletic lifestyle into something more meaningful.


Cheryl Fortier

The force behind Cheryl’s work comes from the raw yet gentle energy of the land and sea: at once peaceful and threatening, familiar and exotic. In the spaces between the experiences of the wild and the din of a city studio, a tension is manifest.
In her studio Cheryl works to compress and magnify these tensions creating acrylic on canvas paintings that resonate with the power of nature.

Cheryl’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and in France and she is represented in private collections in North America, France and the U.K. Deeply committed to making art a part of people’s lives, Cheryl teaches, acts as juror, mentor and has been involved in diverse community mural projects in hospitals, restaurants and public spaces.

Cheryl spends summers in Southwest France where she is currently the Resident Artist for The Virginia Center for Creative Arts at their facility in Auvillar.  Her  studio is in the Mergatroid Building in East Vancouver.

Peter Daniels

I have 50 years in the arts. I am a graduate of K.S.A. where I earned a Commercial Art Certificate.  I have a fine art certificate and a fine art diploma. I have also completed a B.F.A from Notre Dame University. I taught art with 3 O.F.Y. grants from former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for three summers while in design school.

Next I taught art from grades 8-12 at St. Michael's University School in Victoria, B.C.

Then moved onto teaching art therapy for criminals at Matsqui Institution in Abbotsford B.C.

My career took a turn when I faced the worst prison riot in Canadian history as the Crown Witness where my life was threatened numerous times and so I quit the prison teaching position and I opened my studio full time in 1981. From my studio  I offered commercial art services to clients in Vancouver and I setup a porcelain wheel throwing studio where I produced and sold over 70,000 hand made items.

My ceramics travelled to exhibitions and in 1985 were selected by the Department of External Affairs for their permanent collection in Ottawa at the Studio Colleen on Sparks Street.

I was nominated for the Bronfman Award in Canada in 1999 by the Delta Arts Council. In New York I exhibited in the Agora Gallery in 1996 with my paintings, and by 2004 I was with Sotheby's International at the French Consulate in Vancouver exhibiting my art.

In 2010 I was represented at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and selected as a merchant supplier with giclees for Home Depot from Atlanta Georgia.

Along the path, I had studied drama in University, so I enrolled in refreshers courses in acting for television and film, and then found myself numerous agents since 1995 in the entertainment industry. I have performed stand-in, stunt, voice-over principal and back ground in film and written scripts.

Currently I am completing a feature film on my career of teaching art and the riot at Matsqui Institution.



Allan Baxter

I'm a visual artist who likes to go to the wild places.  The essence of my fine art photography is the exploration of geologically exotic and remote landscapes.

This inspiration comes from my interest in exploring the natural wold on a path less traveled, and my career as a Professional Geologist that trained me to appreciate the Earth's textures, colours and natural landforms.

I have coupled my knowledge with an impressionistic aesthetic to create each of my original compositions.


Nansi Lynn Kivisto

As an award-winning photographer, Nansi’s artistic vision is to create a sense of wonder for the viewer. Her photography arouses the imagination and her manipulation of vistas and landscapes challenges conventional methodologies and evokes a range of emotions.

Numerous prominent individuals and businesses such as the Hyatt Vancouver, L’Hermitage Luxury Hotel in Vancouver, several law offices and many other corporate and residential clients collect her photographs.


Tatiana Rivera Sanz

Tatiana whose artistic name is “Tana”, is a “Canadian-Spaniard” born in Barcelona and now living in Vancouver, Canada.

Art Photographer, whose photos are a blend between photography, painting, sculpture, poetry and the performing arts. She creates an installation, a stage in her studio, a space where the protagonist (herself or someone else) can get lost in her thoughts, where she dances or just walks around.

Space is as much a protagonist in the final image. It stands for emptiness.

Womanhood, in all its stages, is part of her on going research. She aims at creating images for women that speak to them.

First started creating art photos around ten years ago. Just a few days ago, she was awarded with the “Shakespeare in Art” Award in Verona, Italy.

Her work is included in “The 21st Century Art Book” by Dott. Russo Francesco Saverio. Last year, she was awarded with 1st prize in digital painting, at the Salon du Vieux Port, Cannes, France, in a collective exhibition organized by “Le Reflect de nos differences”.

She has exhibited her work in Milano, Montreal, ART Vancouver, Belgium, Cannes, ART Monaco, Barcelona, Paris, St. Petersburg. Articles have been published on different online art magazines. Last year, she had her first solo exhibition in Vancouver, at “The Blank Tank” art gallery.

She herself has published three books: two of them poetry with illustrations, the last one, it’s a photography book where the poems accompany the images.


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