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The biography.
"Moving water and flower gardens refine my energy. That which gives me zeal for success and puts me in the realm of possibility. Drawing these makes the feeling even stronger."
My name is Khalid Balogun A.K.A khalltemi_art.  I am from Lagos Nigeria.  My affinity for drawing is second to none.  I started drawing since I was at age 5. I always liked drawing and used to compete with friends when I was in primary school. I had always left my works without shading until age 12. It took me long to discover my art style.
Alas, I'm now a full-time realistic floral/landscape artist. My style uses hyper-realistic moving water, flowers, landscape and other natural elements in a contemporary surrealistic way sometimes to express my inner thoughts and perspective. My artistic goal is to afford my audience a surreal sense of attachment and presence in those places artistically represented in prints by me.

Once upon a time, man struggled with scourge
He experienced an abrupt halt in immersion
And all seemed locked down; dreams and aspirations
Pandemic engulfs him in utmost agitation
Man was snared in the cave of his thought
Completely ambient in the haven of nought
Seeking solace in deafening silence
Hoping for an end; a quintessence
Surprisingly, incidental are these incidence
Unmatching to that of the underground shroud
Where none hears your cries, no matter how loud
A humbling domicile for the shy and proud
Where the headstrong get bowed
But man's bereft of reason
That isolation only lasts but a season
A phase that seldom comes for a reason one only the astute find pleasing for isolation birthed some fortunes it earned
Yunus forgiveness in the belly of whale the basket; Musa's isolation zone that heralded safety from Pharaoh.
In cave hira Muhammad received the greatest gift of prophethood So, never think ill of isolation
But moments of hopes and self-realisation
A herald of hope cloaked in despair.


"Unity in Diversity"
Khalid Balogun
Charcoal on Strathmore Paper
18" x 16"

Not all must look the same to be same.
Neither does for all to feel the same to bear same name.

Nor does synonymous nomenclature mean the same claim.
Or even similar place of birth mean the same frame.

Indeed salient is unity amidst diversity.
To view Black and White as same entity, Rose and Sun as family, Yoruba or Yabola with integrity.

Deluded we are, viewing race as the primary focus.
Feigning blind to individual commonality,
Ethnicity as qualification,
Religious background as cause for superiority.

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