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A concierge:  Noun, plural con·cierges.

1.  A person in charge of arranging items and services for guests.

2. In a shared residence, the person to help residents.

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Our journey.


We began as THE ART CONCIERGE to bring the best in the art world to you.

Your space is aspirational: design it first and then find the pieces to fit your story, as you are comfortable and as you evolve.

We help you find the best the city has to offer by showcasing artwork in your space using our private viewing rooms.

We source originals and reproductions because it is our job to help you tell your story, not define it.


Then there was 2020. The advent of Covid required expansion.

THE FURNITURE CONCIERGE was added to be your gateway to the city’s best style makers.

Now we can offer a holistic approach because great style really is the sum of many beautiful parts.


Both THE ART CONCIERGE and THE FURNITURE CONCIERGE are based on five core values:

1.   Everyone should celebrate their individuality in their spaces.

2.  To save you time and money with a more efficient decision-making process.

3.  To use technology to reduce your impact on the environment.

4.  It's about YOU so it is a process that requires patience.

5.  The art and decor communities are creatives and are a part of our team.

Our goal: to help you Be You.