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The biography.

Lisa Wolfin creator of Art Vancouver

After winning the most Creative Design Award from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles California, Lisa moved to Paris, France where she began a two year apprenticeship at Christian Dior.

Returning to Vancouver she opened Wear Wolfin Designs, a womens clothing company that sold across Canada and the United States.

An avid artist since childhood, drawing and painting have continued to be a long love affair. Lisa explores new mediums and techniques perservering in this artists adventure.

"Painting is my way of exploring within, digging deep into the spiritual world to capture a moment of infinity and bring it to life.  Searching for that elusive diamond in the rough to cut and polish to reveal it's masterpiece.
Painting gives me the freedom to explore the powers of discovery.



 I cast to earth a seed.


Dancing Flowers.

Art Vancouver.

Sea to Sky.

Wax Love.

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