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The biography.

Federico Airaudo is a painter of murals and canvases from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

His work is known for playfully re-characterising commonplace aspects of Guayaquil’s diverse social scene. Using animals, tropical plant life and familiar (often overlooked) objects of this place, his art gestures toward the socio-political dynamics of this industrial Latin city in accessible and humorous ways. 

Federico’s paintings have been featured in national newspapers, tv channels and imaged with international corporations including Pilsener beer and Skullcandy.

Most recently, he was contracted by the Municipality of Guayaquil to enliven public spaces with over 7 large-scale murals that are now displayed at malls, restaurants, boutiques and parks around the city.


El Chiclero.


El Cerro.

El Naranjero.

La Entrada al Monumental.

Centro del Mundo.

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