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The biography.

The force behind Cheryl’s work comes from the raw yet gentle energy of the land and sea: at once peaceful and threatening, familiar and exotic. In the spaces between the experiences of the wild and the din of a city studio, a tension is manifest.
In her studio Cheryl works to compress and magnify these tensions creating acrylic on canvas paintings that resonate with the power of nature.

Cheryl’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and in France and she is represented in private collections in North America, France and the U.K. Deeply committed to making art a part of people’s lives, Cheryl teaches, acts as juror, mentor and has been involved in diverse community mural projects in hospitals, restaurants and public spaces.

Trois barques à flot #2.


Winter Solstice.



Ying Yang.

Anchor Watch.

Strength in numbers.

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