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Your client’s story.

Imagery, as information, is now ... monarchy.

Great design is the visual sum of its parts and represents your client's story.

We offer tools to capitalize on the power of imagery.

Make better choices, faster.

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3 tieres.

Your goal:

The effective use of your time.

Years ago designers turned to paper catalogues to compare options.

You might have consulted a colleague or travelled to a showroom.

Today you can have an entire library in your pocket.

Make creating exciting spaces the focus of your time.

Our solution:

If your item descriptors are different from Google's, finding what you want is difficult.

What you are researching is impactful because it is visual, not verbal.

A sofa design can be similar regardless of who creates it and what features the designer chooses to value.

A research tool based on images will allow you to concentrate more efficiently on comparing subtlety and nuance, colour, shape, texture and price.

Our 3 tiers.


Utilize the trade show.

You go to trade shows to be inspired.  You leave feeling exhilarated.

Our libraries organize and catalogue your knowledge, permanently.

How we add value.

  1.  Use our growing libraries as needed.
  2.  Have a library in your pocket.
  3.  Google searches give you advertising, libraries catalogue objective, comparable ideas.
  4.  No need to know how items are named, find them visually.
  5.  No need to take pictures at a supplier, you already have the catalogue.
  6.  Commission libraries that belong to you alone.
  7.  They are your company's growing knowledge base.
  8.  They can be linked to JPGs of past and proposed projects for inspiration.
  9.  Reduce the need for team meetings.
  10.  Juxtapose similar but unique designs on one page.
  11.  Shop and compare suppliers for small design differences.
  12.  Offer unique designs to clients more easily.
  13.  Use trade shows for inspiration, libraries for reference.
  14.  Yours for as long as you are in business.
  15.  If team members move on, retain their industry knowledge.
  16.  Make supplier meetings more efficient with prearranged viewing.
  17.  Free social media content.  Access useful, repostable, content from your research.

Client support.