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The biography.

Originally opened under the name New-Small and Sterling Studio Glass, what is today Vancouver Studio Glass was founded by David New-Small and Nora Sterling in 1984.  David New-Small studied math & chemistry at UC-Santa Cruz but was more inspired by the glass-blowers who created the lab ware than his professors. He moved to Vancouver and began to study glass at the then-brand-new Pilchuk School.

David built a small hot shop in his garage in Crescent Beach where his hobby soon developed into professional interest.

He joined forces with Nora Sterling, a transplanted New Yorker with a passion for craft, and they approached Granville Island about establishing a glass studio. David and Nora supported the glass and arts communities in many ways over the years, providing jobs, representation and studio space to dozens of emerging glass artists, and through working with the Glass Arts Association of Canada, Circle Craft, and other organizations.

David developed his own work, becoming known for his Marine Reliquary series and Ikebana vessels, still sold in the studio today.


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