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The biography.

I am a painter with a photographic eye.

Photography "captures" the moment and removes elements to create an image. Painting is an additive process of building elements to communicate a message. This blend is the foundation of my art. I paint mostly landscapes – intimate spaces to grand vistas.

My work emphasizes both conceptual and design thinking. I am interested in the fleeting quality of light and the abstract mix of shapes, lines and tones in landscapes. What often attracts my attention are simple strong elements such as the glare off a leaf or the cascading shape of a shadow.

I want to take notice of the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Being in nature and the nurturance it provides is what I want to transmit in my art. My work also represents how I feel about life and my relationships. I hope others feel nurtured and peaceful viewing my art.

It’s a good antidote to the chaos from our city based lives.


Sun Lit Grotto.


Marion Trout Lake Spring.


Mist Down Estuary.

Avenue Walk 5.

Spectre Cloud.

Avenue Walk 1.

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