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The biography.

"I'm a free stylist, or experimentalist working in abstract and expressionistic modes."

Timothy is abstract expressionist, a free stylist, who creates large and small work mostly in acrylics. Although he came to painting in mid-life, he has been painting now for over 25 years.

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1946, he counts himself a ‘baby boomer’ who survived and thrived, imbibing many influences, spawning a wide range of interests that he pursues with relentless curiosity to this day.

As a youngster, Timothy found himself sketching and drawing, no doubt influenced by his dad, a draftsman. In high school, science captured his attention, and the annual Science Fairs provided a means to explore Chemistry. He soon had his own lab in his parent’s basement setting him on a science path but other interests, passions and influences were not extinguished.







Man Imaginal.

Abstract 1.

Seasons Survivors.

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