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The biography.

Tolleck was born in the former USSR in 1959. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1980. Dedicated to producing art as a full time occupation, his work is kept in private and public collections in the UK and throughout the world.

Tolleck’s art stems from his early fascination with the basic nature of raw materials. His work aims to extract values from the basic elements of nature, largely working with metals, minerals and rocks. Experimenting with various materials he has mastered a unique technique based on proper engineering studies.

Ongoing shows to date in London's Mayfair area with Albermale Gallery in Albermale Street. A number of his larger scale works also feature in public displays in the UK, such as the large steel sculpture, ‘People’, which stands alongside the works of Anthony Gormley and Sir Anthony Caro in the Peterborough Sculpture Park.

By injecting fragments of gaudy imagery, Tolleck’s work reveals a subtle flirtation with the current popular culture.


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