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"Family, 2008"

Ta Thi Thanh Tam

36" X 44"


"From its first use, Vietnam lacquer confirmed its splendid beauty. Many generations of painters, starting with the artists of Indochina Fine Arts School in the early 20th century (Pham Hau, Tran Van Can, Nguyen Gia Tri) made Lacquer a unique painting material."

Courtesy, Art Vancouver >

"Fall, 2013"
Nguyen Duc Viet

53.1" x 141.7"

"...The process of creating lacquer painting requires a lot of meticulous workmanship, reaching sublimation, blending paint, drawing, grinding and emotions of the artist."

Courtesy, Art Vancouver >

"Cities of the World - The Evolving City Vancouver, 2020"
Paul Ygartua

8 ' X 6' diptych

"...Being exposed to the city of Bilbao and watching it change from an industrial port to a beautiful city with history and incredible architecture, which now includes the Guggenheim (designed and created by the Canadian architect, Frank Leary) to the wonderful architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, the monumental structures in Paris and London, the domed city of Jerusalem, to the famous mosques of Istanbul and the skyscrapers of New York all gave me the inspiration to paint the Cities of the World..."

Courtesy, Art Vancouver >

"The Divine Feminine"
Tori Swanson

60 x 60" approx.
Acrylic on Raw Canvas

"...Too often in society, we're taught in order to 'have' we have to 'do' something about it. The secret to life is to 'be' in order to 'receive'. That means resisting the urge to move, and stay still..."

Courtesy, Art Vancouver >

"Koi #2"
Martin Murphy
40" x 60" - 101cm x 152cm

"...This oil on canvas koi piece is one of 3 large koi paintings for my year of 'bucket list' subjects ranging from figures to koi to landscapes..."

Courtesy, Art Vancouver >