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You're busy, you don't feel like driving the city for a piece or two.

We'll find you the final pieces to finish your space.

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What we source.

Any decor item from sofas to occasional tables,

bedroom sets to kitchen tables, lighting and rugs to art.

Send pictures of your space and inspirational items.  We'll send you a storyboard to enjoy the thrill of the buy.

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PH Artichoke Pendant
Sizes: Various
Colour options: 5
Price:  $15,246.00 to $23,536.00
Usually ships within 8 to 10 days.


Concorde Chandelier
Size: L: 24.5" x W: 38" D: 38"
Price:  $1,750.00 plus tax.
Colour options:  Blackened steel
Approximate delivery dates:  TBD

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1)  To give you an online shopping experience with a personal in-home touch.

2) To Reduce waste.  Eighteen percent of online purchases are returned, twenty-four percent of that total is furniture and decor.

Let's do something about that, together.

3)  Items usually ship between 3 to 5 weeks, delivery dates will be quoted about payment.

4)  To make you happy.


Pricing is for the product only and shows the ON-SALE price.  Upgrades, taxes, delivery and warrantees are extra

Warrantees are supported by the supplier who have been chosen for their quality.

We are happy to find substitutes and arrange for you to see swatch samples.

Please note:

THE FURNITURE & ART CONCIERGE is acting as a sourcing agent to find you information it believes to be correct, to the best of our knowledge and based on up to date information requests of those retailers.

It is incumbent on the client to make the final and conclusive decision to purchase based on a full understanding of the product(s) or service(s) being purchased.  Please make sure you ask all relevant questions.

The retailer/supplier is alone responsible for the quality of it's products and services and it alone warranties and guaranties its products and services.

All refunds and returns musty be done under their policies of refund and return, please feel free to inquire as to the terms before purchasing to be certain you are in agreement.

THE FURNITURE & ART CONCIERGE cannot be responsible for those policies.  THE FURNITURE & ART CONCIERGE assumes responsibility to transmit the payment as quoted to the retailer so that your order is paid for properly.  A receipt of payment will be made once we receive confirmation, usually the same day from the retailer, that the payment has arrived.

THE FURNITURE & ART CONCIERGE can only refund the purchase after the supplier refunds us.  However we have chosen suppliers with a strong reputation.  Please make certain you are aware of the refund period for your purchase as it is finite and cannot be extended past the time allotted by our suppliers.

Errors and omissions statement.

THE FURNITURE & ART CONCIERGE assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. The information contained in this site is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness, particularly as it pertains to the actions of our suppliers with whom we arrange for the delivery of goods and services.