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© Pamella Holl Hunt

Art for art's sake.

The vision of Pamela Holl Hunt.

By Elliot J. Nitkin

f this were your office, whose art would you like in it?  It’s a simple question which has many answers. 

Going gallery to gallery is fun and exciting, but it is time consuming and demands alot of gas.

For professionals, it takes you away from the business of growing your company. 

For busy people who want to further define their brand while doing the right thing for the environment, this creates a challenge.

These pieces are by Pamela Holl Hunt.  Pamela was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, in 1945.   A classically trained contemporary artist, she received most of her training in Europe in the 1960s and 70s.  While in Paris she studied life drawing at The Académie Julian with M. MacAvoy.

After one year she moved on to The Atelier 17.  There she was taught etching and print making by the master print maker Stanley William Hayter.

In 1964 she went to London to study at Hornsey College of Art.  A few years later she moved to Brussels, Belgium and studied oil painting at the Beaux Arts and art history at the Musée Cinquantenaire.

In more recent years she studied Symphonic Composition and Applied Colour Theory at the 
Vancouver Academy of Art with Michael Britton (1999).

If you think Pam's work might look great in your office a new question arises.  How will it help you tell your company's story?  Which piece or pieces will make your clients enjoy their experience with you in your office?

Do you want your client, after a great presentation, to be emotionally jarred by a blank wall as they refocus their eyes?  You want them to continue to feel a great sense of reassurance and a visual experience is an important part of that goal.

Think about it this way:  

You need to get your kids something to eat quickly.  Down the road you see the Mcdonald's logo.  Will you feel reassured that a solution is at hand?  Many do, obviously.

It is a visual piece of marketing that has helped them tell their story.  Their logo is, ultimately, just art. It tells people what they can expect from their customer experience.

Art on your office walls will achieve the same success.

So here is a new question:

With work and family and life, how do you manage the practical demands on your time while enjoying the process of picking the right piece from Pam's work?

THE ART CONCIERGE has the answer:  ARTsourcing.  Start a project by posting pictures of your space with a description of what you are looking for and the dimensions.

Pam will respond to you with a number of suggestions she thinks you will like.  Talk by email or phone until you have a list of the pieces you want to see, then arrange to see her work in your space.

It’s that simple.

And the most important thing of all, ENJOY IT

Pam’s work is exciting, owning a piece will make you happy.