Wilson Marquez, Colombia March 19, 1970, began in art at an early age making drawings of nature and stamped with newspaper and oil ink .

At the age of 12 his love for visiting museums, art galleries and historical sites was born. In his adolescence he made different artistic installations in aluminum, PVC, wood, cardboard and acrylic. Some of those facilities had motor for their movement.

At age 16, he won the first prize in the Luis López de Mesa art contest, from there he started working as an illustrator for his friends and companies in the region. He studied Descriptive Geometry and Mathematics at the INCCA University of Colombia, drawing at the French Colombo Alliance, private drawing and painting classes with outstanding art professors, among whom are the teachers Arturo Lasprilla López and Martha Bibiana Godoy.

He studied sculpture in precious metals at SENA and knowledge management at the University of Salamanca. He designed his own method to study museums in person, using this strategy in several museums in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, the United States, Canada, France and Spain.

Wilson owns the Marquez Art Gallery.