A network of stylemakers.

Our home will always be the space that reflects our memories with family and friends.  As a style maker in the age of Covid, you must exceed expectations for the right to style your client's space.

The premise:

When clients shop for new decor they have one of two options:  The first is to spend countless hours reviewing website JPG's, reading the description of each item that interests them.  Mind numbing. 

The alternative is to spend hundreds of dollars on gas and countless hours going store to store, which is now an enormous health concern.   If they take the in-person route, they often go through a long list of pictures with a consultant, adding more from the retailer.  These pictures are stored in a library on their phone and become harder and harder to access as the volume of pictures grows.

Another draw back to this approach is that all these disperate pictures do not effectively show how each element will work together and which elements, when combined, will work best for the client.

If your clients are buying furniture in today's market, they are busy people of means.  They will expect service. Let's give it to them.

The concept:

For some years now I have been asking clients a simple question:  If they could post their furniture and decor needs to a website and have retailers “bid” on their project, would they prefer that to in-person shopping?  The answer was a resounding “YES” because they would not have to spend time and gas money shopping. They could go to the retailer that best suited their needs.

All of this of course was before the age of Covid.  The furniture industry has seen an increase in sales, motivated by people shopping online.

Let's address both concerns and become competitive.

I want to market you as a style maker. I want to market you and your staff as real people clients can consult with to put together a uniquely remarkable space.

I am marketing my services online, through social media and through real estate agents to people who are buying new places and to those renovating a present place.

The value to you is as follows:

  1. Other forms of advertising have a small ROI in terms of purchases versus the number of viewers.  Thousands may see an internet advertisement, most are not in the market at the time the advertisement is published.
  2. My approach puts your expertise in front of paying client with an immediate need.
  3. Because you will have been "pre-chosen" they want to buy what you are selling and they very likely want to buy it now.
  4. The time input required from you may be less because more of the decision has been made before they come to you.
  5. You will be able to more accurately match your costs to a related sale.

Yes, a client coming to THE ART CONCIERGE will be presented with competitors.  But much like a shopping mall, having competing options in one central location brings in clients.  Some times you may loose a client, some times you will win one too.  There is a reason each city has a furniture row.

The process:

When a client posts a request, all participating retailers will receive the request, minus contact information.  It will include a detailed description of the person's taste and the items he or she needs as well as a budget.  If you feel you can meet the needs of the client, you can opt in, send three examples of pieces you would recommend to be inserted into a storyboard for the client.

If the client wishes to talk with you further, you can opt in by paying a fee for access to their contact information and you as the retailer can take the conversation further.

You only pay once you have had some acceptance by the client.  It is important to note that you may not be the only retailer with whom the client speaks.  That is the one risk you will have to assume.

Present clients & walk-ins:

Now you can offer existing clients and walk-ins the option to digitally conceptualize their space.

A client may leave your showroom excited, but reality tells us that they are likely to consider alternatives before committing, especially for a large order.

You will have impressed them moving pieces around in your showroom to create a look.  But they cannot do that at home.  Give them that option.  Use our service to demonstrate which coffee table, side table, lamp and other elements look right against the centre piece sofa sets you would recommend, which sofa sets look good with which TV stands, side tables and lamps for their TV room, or which dining hutches, table and chairs make the perfect set.

THE ART CONCIERGE will create a storyboard of the elements you want to recommend so your clients are free to move them around each other until they have the right grouping.

In reality, they are likely to shop the competition.  Let them sell themselves.

This exceeds emailing a group of disjointed images.  The added level of service, creating a storyboard personaly for them is something only designers do.  It personalizes their experience with you because it lets them see your styling expertise in the comfort of their home, conceptualized for their unique taste and space, in a way that allows them to have exciting input.

The fee structure:

My pricing is a flat fee.  My reasoning is straight forward:

  1. Clients will inevitably demand better pricing so a “designer commission” becomes difficult for you.  A smaller "finder's fee" allows you more freedom to negotiate with the client as your costs are reduced and more clearly tied to the potential income to be generated.
  2. If a client wants to talk with you, then you know that your ideas have a reasonable level of "acceptance".  As I want to entice certain retailers to work with THE ART CONCIERGE, I am cognizant that you will be able to promote add-ons to the sale and realize a higher ROI.  This should be a win/win.
  3. You can budget more effectively as you will be able to gauge whether or not spending the opt-in fee will be money well spent.  Is the risk worth the reward?

My fees are as follows (for both services):

  1. One (1) Sofa (living room, den, downstairs TV room) or a dining or bedroom set (in other words, the main items for one room) - $100.00 plus tax.
  2. Two (2) of the above - $200.00 plus tax.
  3. Three (3) of the above - $300.00 plus tax.
  4. Four or more - flat fee of $400.00 plus tax.
  5. If a client requests something smaller and easy like a new set of dining chairs or counter stools, regardless of the number of pieces, there is a flat fee of $25.00 plus tax.