The paintings I create are strong in gestural movement but relevant to contemporary discourses in that they are visceral and rhetorical by metaphors and symbols used to describe the conscious struggle to exist in a society of idealisms and unseen beauty or truth. The idea that in the gesture is an existence or resemblance of the figurative as a sensation to the viscera. It stems from Gilles Deleuze’s idea of the figurative as a metaphor to the movement and structural framework is powerful and as visceral as a brushstroke on the canvas. My work evolves around the blurring or fragment of the figurative form as these pictorial forms create metaphors, symbols and familiar representations from our consciousness.

The painting style I’ve developed has been referred to as fabstract (figurative-abstract). The all-over gestural and expressive brushstrokes allow for a sense of spontaneity and raw emotion to occur in fragmented moments throughout the canvas. The canvas is sectioned and learned through a post-cubism study where fields and layers of color blend the figure in pictorial space.