Choreographer, dancer and artist. Founder of the Siamese Dance Company, Mauricio seeks to level the intensity of his creative experience with various choreographers such as Amanda Miller and William Forsythe with his relentless search for body language capable of inducing new moods. Presented in various cities of Brazil and the world, his works are marked by the constant dialogue of dramaturgy with other artistic languages, provoking the spectator to new sensorial experiences that invite the body to rethink its terrestrial / transcendent limits. Among his works are: Garden Night (2005), Oblique Look (2006), Object Shattering (2011) and the trilogy Nigredo / Albedo / Rubedo (2012-2016).

Mauricio's plastic works have been exhibited on several occasions in galleries and theaters in Brazil and Europe. Rubedo, a term that defines the final stage of the process of creating the philosopher's stone in Alchemy, brings together the graphic works of the choreographer and artist Mauricio de Oliveira, produced between the years of 2015 and 2016. Produced using various plastic techniques (drawing, Collage, painting, crochet) on paper, Mauricio works as a mapping of ideas during his process of choreographic creation, a way of organizing ideas, defining and searching for new creative paths.

The works allow the public to enter the creative moment of Mauritius of the last two years while developing the last project, Rubedo, opening the doors to new reflections on the choreographic make and its integration with diverse artistic modalities in the creative process. But not only: as an autonomous aspect, they provoke a regime of intensity that always produces new possibilities to enter in the creative dimension of the artist. 2017 marks 15 years of the artist's first exhibition held in 2002 at the TAT Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt (sponsored by the Forsythe Company).

The inauguration, in the CASA - Museu do Objeto Brasileiro (21-25 January 2017), was supported by the 18th edition of Fomento Dana for the city of Sao Paulo. Exhibition: (2002) TAT Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt (patrocínio de William Forsythe) (2012) Exposição NIGREDO, de Maurício de Oliveira. 5-29 de julho. Funarte (2013) Exposição MINHAS CAVIDADES ORBITAIS. 22 de agosto. Grupo Collodoro. (2014) Exposição ALBEDO, de Maurício de Oliveira. 1-31 de agosto. Espaço Viga. (2017) Exposição RUBEDO, de Maurício de Oliveira. 21-25 de janeiro. A Casa – Museu do Objeto Brasileiro. (2002) Fabbrica, CA Dance Festival, coprodução Frankfurt Ballet & Korzo Theater.