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  1. How high do I hang my art?
    One of the most frequently asked questions I have had is how high to hang art. The simple answer is that the middle of the piece should come to eye level or about 5 to 5.5 feet off the floor. Of course if you are six foot eight, feel free to hang your pieces alittle higher, you have to enjoy them first.  back to top

  2. What if I want to hang a collage of pieces?
    The easiest thing to do is cut out some newspaper pieces to the size of the art pieces you are going to hang. Next, put a dot on the sides of the pieces where the hooks would link to the "D" rings, so nailing in the hooks is easy. In other words, find the top of the "D" ring and make the dot there, you can simply line the paper up with the art and poke a small hole into the cut-out paper. Then simply "fiddle" with the collage on the wall (you can hold the paper to the wall with alittle masking tape) until you have the pattern you want, tap in the hooks and hang the art. Remember to space each piece at least 2 inches apart from the other pieces, and make sure the hooks are level before hanging. You can call me and arrange a skype meeting if you want, I can assist you easily. You can also look on my Pinterest Pin Board, there is a graphic: http://pinterest.com/theartconcierge/latest-framing-ideas/  back to top

  3. How do I frame art?
    That is an answer that is based mostly on the individual piece. However, there are certain things you must know. Canvas pieces are never framed under glass, it dries up the canvas. Paper pieces must be framed under glass to preserve them. You can choose to place the matting on top of the piece or place the piece elevated above the matting if you really want to highlight it. Besides preserving art, framing should bring the eye into the centre of the piece. Choose an eye catching frame, then use the matting to act like an arrow bringing the eye inwards.  back to top

  4. What is art?
    The easy answer is that art is anything you want to be art. An artist expresses his or her view of the world through their chosen medium. To appreciate art, it helps to know what the artist is trying to say, what the artist was feeling and how he or she views the world.  back to top

  5. What is good art?
    This is the next obvious question. It is my firmly held belief that the definition of good art is whatever makes you HAPPY. If you like the piece, it is good. If you don't....... then it is simply not "your thing". Remember, this the expression of someone's heart and soul. No artist expects to be loved by everyone (well except hollywood actors), they just want to find a connection and a conversation between themselves and the viewer. The art that has changed the world, was created from total honesty.  back to top

  6. Should I get alot of opinions before choosing a piece?
    Well certainly, we can all feel alittle unsure about something we are going to have on our walls for a while and it is an investment. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you define your point of view. Remember, you would never allow someone to tell you what movie to like or what shirt to feel comfortable in, so give yourself permission to be proud of your opinion.  back to top

  7. So what are the questions?
    1) How do I feel looking at the piece? 2) Does the subject matter reflect what I do with my life, do I have a personal connection to it? 3) Does it remind me of a happy time in my life? 4) Can I look at this piece for a long time and enjoy it? 5) Is it right for the room? For example a sedate piece for a party room or a pastoral scene for a kids playroom are probably not good fits. 6) Can I buy it comfortably at the moment? 7) Do I relate to and like the artist's message? 8) Is it the right size for the space? Too large or too small looks wrong.   back to top