the art concierge

ARTsource your dream home

Ask artists to fill your space.

Art buyers are busy professionals who balance work and private lives with a concern for the environment. 

Going gallery to gallery is fun, but this uses a lot of fuel and is, in the practical world, time consuming.

It is easier to solicit art from any artist in any city for any property anywhere in the world, with just a few keystrokes.

ARTsourcing by the art concierge provides the tools you need to photograph your space and post it to the arts' community.

The arts' community will then use those pictures to showcase their work in your space, from anywhere in the world.

We will then create a portfolio you can refer to when choosing your art.

Step 1

Post pictures of your space.

Step 2

Artists will create an ideas board.

Step 3

Arrange to see your favourites.